We love the dhinchak, catchy and groovy Bollywood songs. But some of them are demeaning to women, objectify them and reinforce gender inequality. Here is your chance to create your own version of non-sexist songs.

 Pen uthao aur gaana ghumao!    

Change the sexist lyrics, send it to us.

What is this competition?

Gaana Rewrite is a competition which asks you to use your creativity without offending anyone.

In the name of entertainment, a lot of song lyrics objectify women and are demeaning to women. Songs are written carelessly and from the male ‘time pass’ point of view which often leads to normalizing sexual harassment and violence against women.

Rewrite the song.

You are sending a strong message to Bollywood, to lyricists and listeners of such songs – we can have popular songs without it being sexist or humiliating to women!



Here’s your chance to turn the songs on its head.

Step 1: Be innovative and create your own version of any Bollywood ( New or old) sexist song and rewrite its lyrics so that it celebrates women’s freedom and asserts gender equality.

Step 2: Type your version of the song in either Devnagari or Hinglish in pdf

Step 3: Fill up the form and submit your entry or send it to gaanarewrite@gmail.com

Last date for entries- 15th Jan 2017


Rules for Sending Entries

  • Anybody can send the song. No age limit
  • You can participate as an individual or as a group. In case of a group entry, the team should not consist of more than 4 members
  • The song must include Mukhada and one Antara atleast


Rules for submission of your song

  • The last date for the submission of the song is Jan 15th, 2017.
  • All those shortlisted for the Competition will receive an email.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be selected on the basis of creativity in changing the lyrics, poetry and the gender equality content.
  • The results of the Competition will be uploaded on our website and sent via email to winners


Gaana Rewrite- Pen Uthao, Gaana Ghumao

Last date for entries –  15th Jan, 2016

We will be informing those participants who have been shortlisted


For any query please write to gaanarewrite@gmail.com or call for queries +919004569833

Gaana Rewrite Competition


Gaana Rewrite Competition
Gaana Rewrite Competition
Gaana Rewrite Competition